All Jackdaw Tube Amps are handbuilt in the USA using traditional methods of construction. No circuit boards, all handwired point to point construction. Vintage NOS tubes are used in the preamps. My circuit topology provides a clean signal path and is inspired by tube PAs from the 40's and guitar amps from the early 50's. Only a volume and tone control are needed to dial in great tone. Simplicity at its best, with this type of circuit you hear precisely what you put into the guitar coming through the amp.

Vintage 60's tube PA conversion

5U4 tube rectifier

2x6L6 power

2x12AX7 preamp

60's Supro Thunderbolt OT

2 vintage Altec 12" speakers

Current and Voltage meters

custom two tone tolex matching head and cab

Vintage 60's tube amp conversion

2x6L6 power

2x12AX7 preamp

SS rectifier

point to point hand wired

custom mahogany housing